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Are you looking for a Yorkie puppy with a fun-loving personality, that will be a joy to live with, and looks that can (and will!!!) stop traffic?
 Are you looking for a Yorkshire Terrier breeder who strives for health and intelligence as well as beauty, who will treat you with respect, answer your questions honestly and provide you with a lifetime of support?

If so, then your search is over!

Breeding Yorkies is an art and a Yorkie Puppies For Sale Near Me is truly a masterpiece! I design Yorkshire Terriers with stunning faces, healthy bodies, and loving dispositions. You won’t find any yappy little dogs here. I choose my Yorkie puppy parents not just for health and beauty but for intelligence and temperament too!

Yorkie Puppies For Sale Near Me have their own nursery in my home.

It is immaculate and so are my puppies and their parents. None of my Yorkies has ever seen the inside of a cage. They are born in state of the art whelping boxes then moved to playpens. The puppies and their parents are spoiled rotten from the day they are born until they leave me. I am VERY good at it! My Yorkies and their puppies receive the best of everything, from the food they eat, and medical care received right down to the beds they sleep in and toys they play with. Creating life is something I take VERY seriously. I think it should be done by a knowledgeable professional. When done right, breeding Yorkies takes a lot of time, energy and money; there is ongoing health and genetic testing of the Yorkies and continuing education for the Yorkie breeder.


Information About Yorkies
The pages of the Yorkie Puppies For Sale Near Me website are filled with information about everything from the “Yorkshire Terrier breed standard” to tips on “how to care for a new puppy” and how to recognize and treat “hypoglycemia” …. and I am constantly adding more! 

I do this because I want you to be able to make educated decisions about whether a Yorkshire Terrier is the right breed for you and if so, which Yorkie breeder you will trust with your Yorkie puppy purchase and I hope the information here will help you with both of these decisions.

And if you are lucky enough to already have a Yorkie in your life, I hope you enjoy my suggestions for new and fun ways to spoil your pup!

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Testimonial (54)

Jason Thompson, Texas. September 2023

"The process was seamless, and I found my new best friend, Max, within days of browsing the site. Highly recommended!"
Testimonial (55)

Sarah Johnson, California. September 2023

"I never thought finding the perfect Yorkie could be so easy! The website connected me with reputable breeders, and now I have the most adorable Yorkie named Bella. Thank you!
Testimonial (56)

Emily Collins, New York. August 2023

"I was hesitant at first, but the website provided genuine listings. Now, Daisy brings so much joy to our family. Thank you!"