Our Puppies available to be purchased, Come with the accompanying:

Wellbeing Certificate


Shots-to date

Enlistment Papers – Dog Training



We are a family of Yorkshire Terrier breeder, with more than 12 years of involvement. We love our pups and have a wide determination of Pure varieties. We love our pups from birth, close by our hand chosen raisers, a large number of whom have been with us for throughout quite a while. Our Yorkshire Terrier young doggies are conceived here at home and we take care of Mom for each birth. All mothers have X-Rays before birth to guarantee the mother have no difficulties. Young doggies will come pre-ruined and mingled. Our human family is important for our canine’s lives from the day they appear on the scene until the day they move into their new home with you. We are pleased that they are mingled and cherished. We start potty preparing with pee cushions when they are around 5 weeks old. We trust that you will show them as much love and care as we do.