Our Lifetime Health Guarantee

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The word lifetime implies 10 years from the pup’s birthday.

*Although, understanding that your pup can never be superseded, we acknowledge that having one more four legged shaggy companion may help with lessening the sharpness in your home. In the incomprehensible downfall of your little canine inside one year from its birthday in view of innate characteristics, of course if the puppy is found to have a risky inalienable or acquired issues (inside one year) which ominously impacts the adequacy of your pup, we will override the little guy with one a greater amount of comparable worth to no detriment for you.

*In the event of the death of your puppy, in light of perilous genial disfigurements, after the essential year of birth, we will give a credit in the proportion of half of the principal cost towards the securing of a replacement little guy of identical worth. In any case, the buyer’s approved veterinarian should give the vendor a formed confirmation communicating the particular justification for death as affirmed by a necropsy/posthumous. If the end was achieved by an innate distortion recorded above and not dismiss by the buyer, the little canine will be superseded with one of comparable worth when one is free. Because of death you will similarly have to give the computer chip that was given by Princess Puppies. (This is to show that it is the canine you bought from Princess Puppies). If these rules similarly as the ones underneath are not met the affirmation becomes invalid and void.

What We Want From You For The Assurance To Be Legitimate.

Nothing makes us more glad than realizing we had the option to bring a solid, cheerful pup into your home. We do require your assistance to guarantee your little dog stays sound.

Email a duplicate of the underlying assessment (clinical record) inside 10 work long periods of accepting your pup. The assessment should be performed by an authorized veterinarian. Your little dog will accompany forward-thinking, age-fitting inoculations, so ensure you don’t immunize inside the initial 10 days of accepting your doggy. Our email address: brittany@princesspuppies.com

You should Microchip your pup with Princess Puppies.

While we de-worm and inoculate your pup until the time it returns home, you should proceed with legitimate de-worming and leading normal tests in some measure as long as about four months old enough or more and customary veterinarian exams at regular intervals forever.

Assuming you at any point need to utilize this Guarantee, you should give all desk work from the underlying deal given to you by Princess Puppies, enrollment papers (if appropriate), all the vet records showing the proceeded with wellbeing and upkeep of your canine from vet checks/visits like clockwork and produce their micro processor.

If these guidelines are not met the assurance will become invalid and void.

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